The major drawback of this web based Azure speed test tool is that this tool does not measure latency with ICMP ping or TCP ping, due to browser limitation.

If you want to measure ICMP ping latency to Azure datacenters, you might want to check a great tool called PsPing from PsTools suite. PsPing is a command-line utility for measuring network performance, it implements Ping functionality, TCP ping, latency and bandwidth measurement.

Here is how to run your network latency test using PsPing tool:

  1. Download PsTools from
  2. Extract the whole package, open a command prompt and run the following command
    psping target:port
    The target can be ip or dns name of Virtual Machine, Storage, SQL Database and other endpoints that is public accessable
At the end, you will see an output similar to the one below (here I am using a storage endpoint and port 80 as target), with latency results (in milliseconds)

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  • You can learn the meaning of each parameter of psping in the web page where you downloaded the tool
  • Azure blocks external ICMP protocol so general ping.exe which uses ICMP protocol does not work. PsPing test connectivity to a specific TCP port directly which is not blocked